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About Chemistry at Young Harris College

Chemistry is the science of matter and its transformations and is often called the central science due to its connections to physics, math, and biology. Chemistry majors learn how to solve problems, think critically, communicate effectively, utilize existing literature, and investigate nature according to the scientific method.

Math, Science, and Technology majors are all built on the same liberal arts core, and the chemistry major is designed to provide students with a breadth of knowledge that will allow them to pursue a diverse range of careers and to critically examine and understand the world around them.

Chemistry requirements

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from YHC, you’ll take 120 hours of coursework.

General Education:

31 hours, including CHEM 1211 and MATH 1113


29 hours, including two PALS (Physically Active Life Skills) courses

Program courses:

60 hours

Some of our most popular business administration classes include:

CHEM 3410 & 3420 Physical Chemistry

An examination into the physics that underlies modern chemistry. The first semester examines the behavior of the world on the macroscopic scale and focuses on the topics of classical thermodynamics, equilibrium, and chemical kinetics. The second semester changes focus to the macroscopic scale and looks at the principles of quantum mechanics used to describe atoms and molecules.
Tracy Dumakor pointing at a presentation

Young Harris has presented me with opportunities I would otherwise not have had.  Professors like Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Barnes push me to do my best, and I feel lucky to be a part of such a close-knit community.

Tracy Dumaker Class of ’24, Dallas, GA