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About Popular Culture at Young Harris College

Students learn to interpret and contribute to convergent cultures, focusing on messages emanating from internet, television, music, and print media to develop nuanced and critical perspectives.

Popular Culture minor requirements

To graduate with a minor in Popular Culture from YHC, you’ll take 18 hours of coursework.

Lower Division Required Courses:

9 hours, including COMM 1050

Elective Courses:

9 hours

Minor Courses:

18 hours

Some of our most popular Popular Culture classes include:

COMM 1050 Introduction to Media Communication:

An introductory survey of the mass media, incorporating the history and current states of print media (newspapers, magazines, book publishing, news services, and syndicates), electronic media (radio, television, recording, video, and film) and media support services (advertising and public relations). Particular attention is focused on the ethical and social responsibilities of the media.

COMM 3000HM Communication, Gender, and Identity:

This course explores concepts relative to communication and its relationship to gender and biological sex. Study includes, but is not limited to, distinguishing between gender and biological sex; the extent of gender and sex-based communication differences; communication role development; how gender and sex-based communication affects family relationships; differences in verbal and nonverbal communication across genders and biological sexes; and how socially constructed gender roles affect close relationships, education, different forms of media, acts of violence, and the workplace.

EDUC 3013 Literature, Language Arts & Reading:

Study of teaching materials and techniques used in middle grades language arts and literature programs with focus on the use of speaking, listening, reading, writing across the content areas, guidelines for evaluating juvenile literature; and studies of authors and illustrators. Practicum is required.