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About Theatre at Young Harris College

The Theatre minor is a great way for anyone to get involved with the Theatre Young Harris production season, or simply to gain a better appreciation of live theatre.

Theatre minor requirements

To graduate with a minor in Theatre from YHC, you’ll take 18 hours of coursework.

Lower Division Required Courses:

9 hours, including THEA 1302 and THEA 1201

Upper Division Required Courses:

9 hours, including THEA or DANC courses

Minor Requirements:

18 hours

Some of our most popular Theatre classes include:

THEA 1302 Stagecraft:

An introduction into the methods and materials of scenic construction, costume construction, and stage lighting. Lab Required.

THEA 1201 Acting 1 -Fundamentals:

An introduction to the fundamentals of acting for stage performance, including a regimen of body and voice exercises and a series of group and individual acting studies.

THEA 2101 Dramatic Literature:

This course introduces classical script analysis methodology with an emphasis on contemporary play texts. Focus is placed on in-class discussion of texts as well as presentation and writing skills.