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First Year Foundations (FOUN 1000)

First Year Foundations (FOUN 1000)

The mission of the First Year Foundations (FYF) program is to support entering first-year students in making a successful transition into the scholarly life and social community at Young Harris College by providing opportunities for personal growth through academic planning, decision- making, and use of support services. Sections of FYF are taught by a faculty member and assisted by a peer mentor. FYF is a two-credit hour, required component of the YHC baccalaureate degree, which all first-time, full-time students must take in their first semester of enrollment. Specific courses have been designed following a theme selected by the instructor.

All classes meet on Mondays and Wednesdays. First-Year Foundation classes also provide group and individual academic advising, with the teaching professor serving as the academic advisor for each member of the class. All sections of FYF share common goals and learning outcomes; however, individual instructional teams may develop, emphasize, and assess these goals differently.

Another component of the FOUN100 course are Friday workshops. Each Friday, students can choose from several workshops geared toward holistic student development. While an FYF instructor can require a few workshops, students are encouraged to choose workshops that intrigue them.

For more information about First Year Foundations, please contact Dr. Theresa Spanella.