Success Center

Success Center
Success Center

The Success Center is the hub of academic support on campus. Our professional staff and trained student employees will help you navigate your academic career at Young Harris College. Your first encounter with our office will be through our Mountain Lion 1000 program, which all freshmen students are required to take in their first semester. In your MTLN 1000 class, a faculty or staff member and a peer mentor will show you how not just to survive, but rather to thrive in your first year of college. This course teaches you

  • how to set goals and manage them;
  • how to motivate yourself for academic success;
  • how to manage your time wisely and study efficiently;
  • and how to be a good campus community member.
What can the Success Center help me with?

The Success Center is the place to find tutoring services, where our upper-class student tutors are available to help you one-on-one in over fifteen different academic areas from chemistry to Spanish and psychology to math. In addition, you’ll find lots of help from our Writing Center, where tutors will assist you with writing papers for any class on campus. All tutoring is free!

So what if you need personal academic coaching? We have that covered as well. Our academic coaches will help you fine-tune your efforts in any class and maximize your opportunities for success. And if you find yourself in academic difficulty, our coaches will work with you on an individually crafted recovery plan!

The Success Center is a terrific place to begin your journey to success. Stop by our front desk to learn more about what we can do to support you during your four years at YHC! 

The Success Center is a terrific place to begin your journey to success.
All tutoring is free!

Staff hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tutoring hours vary throughout the day and evening.