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Services & Student Support

Academic Advising

All incoming students are pre-assigned an academic advisor. For incoming or transfer freshmen, their First Year Foundations professor will be the advisor; all other students will be assigned to a faculty advisor in their major department. Students are required to attend an academic advising session each semester in order to be approved to register for the upcoming semester. During these sessions, you will be assisted on creating a four year plan to ensure on-time graduation, choosing classes for upcoming semesters, and any/all other academic concerns or questions you may have with your current classes. You are encouraged to meet with your academic advisor throughout the year, not just during the advising period. If you wish to change or have any questions regarding your academic advisor, please contact Morgan Henderson in the Academic Success Center.

First Year Foundations

The mission of the First Year Foundations (FYF) program is to support entering first year students in making a successful transition into the scholarly life and social community at Young Harris College by providing opportunities for personal growth through academic planning, decision making, and using support services. Learn more here!

Academic Coaching

Meet one-on-one to discuss your academic goals, study skill development and campus resources available at the College. Academic coaching is facilitated by SSC professional staff. During an academic coaching session, you can discuss academic and/or GPA goals, study skills, time management, and other relevant skills and strategies. We want to help you improve your current studying and course preparation efforts and have you walk away with new skills and strategies to benefit your next steps in college. Academic coaching is for all students with all academic abilities and goals! Make an appointment with an Academic Success Center professional today!  

Academic Recovery

You may have been contacted by the Academic Success Center staff because you are on academic probation, have a financial aid warning/probation appeal, or are admitted to the College on a waiver. Students on academic probation are strongly encouraged to meet with their academic advisor throughout the semester to participate in academic coaching and support. Students who are participating in the FAP appeal process are required to meet one-on-one with an Academic Success Center professional for three academic coaching sessions. If you are admitted on a waiver, you are strongly encouraged to participate in our academic coaching program within your first six weeks at the College.    

Career Preparation

The ASC staff is committed to helping you become your best self as you prepare for your career. Meet with an Academic Success Center staff member for resumé building, cover letter writing, and interview preparation. We would love to discuss your next steps in the career search process with you. Beyond one-on-one consultations, we host annual events including the trip to the Atlanta Career Fair, the Graduate School Fair, Mock Interviews, and the Professional Attire Fashion Show.

Pre-Professional Career Development

Interested in a pre-professional field (law, medical, health, vet)? To begin your steps to success, you will want to understand the level of competition within your selected field, prepare adequately and get involved in ways to make you most marketable for your desired program of study. It’s not too soon to start! Discuss your goals with your faculty within your major and your academic advisor. 

Early Intervention

The transition to college can be very difficult and the Academic Success Center wants to support your steps to do your best each semester. There are times where you may struggle early in the semester and without appropriate support, you may not do well within or outside the classroom. If the center is notified, you will receive outreach from the Academic Success Center staff and campus partners for in-class performance (class absence, academic assistance, mid-semester grades) and out-of-class behavior concerns. 

Internship Experiences

Employers want to see several internship and work experiences prior to you graduating from College. Internships provide you a wealth of experience, skills, and new knowledge to benefit your career decision-making process and your professional network. Many academic programs (majors) will have opportunities to gain class credit for internship experiences. Meet with SSC staff, your faculty advisor, and faculty mentors to discuss internship opportunities. You’re always encouraged to participate in an internship either for-credit or not-for-credit. Our students often choose to earn course credit through an internship in the summer. Contact the Academic Success Center for more information. Internship opportunities are also listed on Purple Brief Case throughout the year.


Tutoring is available for all students in several courses based on the DFW rate in the course. The schedule and locations are updated each semester. We host faculty and peer tutors at the College. Peer tutors are students who have made excellent grades in their classes and who are often majoring in the area they tutor. Drop by today! Check out the tutoring schedule on the Academic Success Center tab on YHC Connect or drop by our front desk. Tutoring is offered in the Academic Success Center on Sunday - Thursday - 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM. Hours may vary, please contact Jaythan Burrell,, for the most updated tutoring schedule. 

MOWR/Early College Tutoring

We also offer tutoring for MOWR, dual enrollment, and online courses via Cisco Spark. All tutoring will take place online via Spark with the same peer tutors mentioned above! MOWR/ Early College tutoring is offered Sunday - Thursday - 12:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Hours may vary, please contact Jaythan Burrell,, for the most updated tutoring schedule

Do your peers often come to you for help in their classes? Do you enjoy helping fellow classmates better understand course material? Then being an ASC tutor might be the job for you! ASC employs tutors in many different subjects, with an emphasis on the DFW rate in the courses. 


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