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Mary Brink – Art 3

Dr. Mary Brink

Associate Professor of Art History, Interdisciplinary Studies Coordinator - Fine Arts

(706) 379-5317

 Dr. Mary Brink joined the YHC faculty in 2014.  Dr. Brink teaches art history and art appreciation. In her classes, she focuses on active learning. In some classes, students design Gothic stained-glass windows with compasses to learn about connections between math, art, and history. In other courses, they play board games where they act as ancient Roman art patrons, or they compete in architectural scavenger hunts across campus. These types of activities focus on experiential learning, where students can develop a deep understanding of the cultures, values, and objectives tied to the artworks they study. Dr. Brink especially enjoys teaching Women and Art, Twentieth Century Art, and Contemporary Art Issues. In her classes she strives to instill her love of art history in her students, helping bring the past to life for them and showing them how our study of history can reveal more about our own lives and society. Her research focuses on late nineteenth-century French painting, especially Symbolism and the Salons of the Rose + Croix. In her research, she uses statistical analysis to understand group dynamics and trends within the critical response to art exhibitions. 


  • Ph.D. Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY
  • M.A. Art History, Florida State University
  • B.S. Art History, New College of Florida
Areas of Teaching Specialties/Research Interests: 
  • Art History
  • Nineteenth Century Art
  • Artist Groups, Digital Humanities
  • Symbolist Art
  • The Salons of the Rose + Croix