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YOUNG HARRIS, Ga. — Young Harris College students Mojo Tenenbaum, Lauren Swenson, Elle Hutchinson and John Lictenwalner recently won the international Econ Beats competition. The Econ Beats competition requires students to create music videos using learnings from economics classes.

Assistant Professor of Business and Public Policy Dr. Whitney Buser challenged students in her microeconomics class to participate in Econ Beats—first in a school-wide competition and then at the international level.

To determine the winning video in the school-wide competition, Dr. Buser’s class met, screened all the entries and voted on their favorite. Dr. Buser was awarded a $250 grant from the University of Northern Kentucky to use as prize money for the winning entry in the school-wide competition.

All of the videos submitted for the school-wide Econ Beats competition were submitted for the international competition. There were more than 30 submissions from around the world and more than 2,000 votes were cast. The same video that won the school-wide competition won the international competition, and the winning team members received $500 in prize money.

“It was really incredible to see students engage with economics in a different way and enjoy the material,” said Dr. Buser. “I will continue to make the Econ Beats competition part of my class because it’s a creative, fun and effective way for students to learn.”

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