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Young Harris College art show, performance from heralded songwriter, folk artist

Young Harris, GA — From snake-handling churches and his time being a pastor to serving in the military and going to war; these experiences inspired Abe Partridge in the creation of his music and artworks. In 2018 he went public with his music and art, and last week shared his story and his works at Young Harris College.

On Jan. 25, Partridge held a live performance in the Susan B. Chapel and then presented the opening of his art exhibition at the Campus Gate Art Gallery.

Partridge’s live singing and guitar playing were popular with the community and students alike. “You are amazing, one of the greatest things I’ve seen,” said one student to Partridge. Another student inquired about his unique playing style on guitar.

“I’m self-taught on guitar. Pick it up and figure it out on your own – it’s the harder road but at the end of it you’ll be happier,” Partridge said. “It’ll let you create your own unique sound.”

Partridge’s exhibit features works that are primarily made of layered pieces: of acrylic paint on top of tarred plywood boards. He also puts tar on musical instruments, old and damaged vinyl records, and many other objects that he can adhere tar to.

“My paintings take two to three months to create,” said Partridge. “Each piece is tarred and then has to cure for at least a month.”

His process after the tar is cured is to carve in his images with a screwdriver or ice pick, then he uses acrylic paint on top of the etched tar. His works often feature bright and bold colors and various textures.

“I focus on storytelling,” said Partridge. “My paintings are stories, and my songs are stories. They are different ways to tell a story.”

Partridge’s storytelling work will be available to view at the Campus Gate Art Gallery until March 1. The gallery is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

You can learn more about Abe Partridge’s music and art on his website:

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