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YOUNG HARRIS, Ga. — Seeing sites ranging from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, Kristen Trice –recipient of the Woodward Endowed Scholarship from Young Harris College – spent the past summer studying British literature at Harlaxton College in Grantham, England.

Trice, the 2023 recipient of the annual Woodward Scholarship, is a senior history major with a cinematic arts minor who plans to be a filmmaker when she graduates this spring.

“I was very honored to be given the Woodward Scholarship,” Trice said. “I was overcome with joy because I had wanted to go to Harlaxton since I learned about the program when I attended a campus tour at Young Harris College as a high school senior.

“I knew I wanted to study abroad in college but I did not know if I would be able to, so the Woodward Scholarship granted me an opportunity of a lifetime and I will always be thankful.”

Criteria for applying for the Beverly Barrow Woodward, 1953, Endowed Scholarship – established by Leonard and Beverly Woodward of Rome, GA. – include a strong academic record, application essay, and interview.

“We want to thank the Woodward family for their continued support of students who desire to broaden their worldview and expand their educational experience beyond the Enchanted Valley,” said Dr. Jennifer Schroeder, Associate Professor of Biology and Director of Study Away at YHC.

This particular scholarship caught Trice’s eye when she toured the College campus because of the opportunity to see London.

“My tour guide mentioned the program and it was fascinating as he described the different events the study abroad program had to offer,” Trice said. “What sold me the most on the program was being able to stay at Harlaxton Manor – a 19th century manor that is on the countryside of England and is gorgeous. Studying abroad interested me before I learned about the Harlaxton program but once I learned about this program I knew exactly where I wanted to go.”

Part of Kristin’s coursework at Harlaxton involved studying British literature, which included touring London and the surrounding area.

“The British Literature Perspectives course allowed me to travel throughout England learning about the history of famous British authors, such as: Shakespeare, William Wordsmith, John Keats and Mary Shelly,” Trice said. “I visited Cambridge, York, Birmingham and London. I got to see Big Ben, the Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. I also took a weekend trip to Barcelona [in Spain].”

The appeal of Young Harris College’s study abroad program is that the experience extends beyond the classroom.

“I met some amazing people from across the United States and Europe. I made friends with people from several different U.S. states, as well as European countries,” Trice said. “And it enlightened my perspective on traveling. I have not always been a person who likes to travel, but I love learning about the world around me.

“This trip allowed me to experience traveling in a positive life and has inspired me to continue traveling in the future,” Trice added. “I met some of the greatest people who worked at the Harlaxton Manor and in the town of Grantham. By studying abroad you immerse yourself in another culture which allows you to view the world in a different light. It was an eye-opening experience that I will cherish for the rest of my life.”