Greek Life

Greek Life
Bonds That Last a Lifetime

Greek Life at Young Harris College emphasizes scholastic achievement, philanthropy, leadership and personal growth. There are eight fraternities and five sororities for students to choose from—and with both national chapters on campus as well as local groups exclusive to YHC, every student is sure to find the perfect fit.

Join a Greek organization to get more involved on campus, participate in service projects, make friends and build strong relationships that last well beyond four years of college. Serving as an officer allows members to develop personal leadership skills while also contributing to the mission and goals of their organization.

No matter which fraternity or sorority you choose, Greeks all share similar noble values and common bonds that connect brothers and sisters with each other and with members of other Greek organizations. From the first meetings during Recruitment Week to the friendly competition of Greek Week, these bonds are formed and strengthened. Students also have the opportunity to win academic and service awards, as well as connect with Greek alumni and enjoy networking opportunities long after their days at YHC.

The Office of Student Involvement oversees all chapters of national and international fraternities and sororities. The office assists chapters in maintaining local and national requirements, while also serving as a liaison between collegiate chapters, alumni, and the college community. The Office of Student Involvement is also committed to providing educational programs and services that support the ideals of Greek Life by challenging members to live by their purpose and recognizing positive achievements of the organizations.