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Delta Phi Epsilon
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The Inter-Greek Council (IGC) is a self-governing student organization that provides guidelines and support to member organizations. The IGC consists of each IGC chapter president and an appointed representative from each organization. The council meets bi-monthly with a Greek Life advisor. IGC meetings are a place where members are able to learn from each other, work together and discuss issues within the YHC Greek community. 

Sororities & Fraternities


Alpha Iota
Delta Phi Epsilon
Gamma Psi
Phi Alpha Phi
• Phi Delta
Sigma Beta Sigma


Alpha Omega
Alpha Xi
Chi Delta Phi
Kappa Sigma
Kappa Tau Omega
Phi Sigma Kappa
Upsilon Delta Sigma
Zeta Pi


Alpha Iota Sorority

This sorority promotes sisterhood, scholarship, good sportsmanship and character.


Delta Phi Epsilon

The mission of Delta Phi Epsilon is to provide a sisterhood experience with rich tradition, innovation, and opportunities for growth. Our purpose is to prepare women for today's world by developing social consciousness, providing continuous growth development and achievement, acting for the greater good and respecting our heritage.


Gamma Psi Sorority

Gamma Psi provides a sisterhood that promotes virtue, compassion and fellowship through acceptance based on moral character.


Phi Alpha Phi Sorority

Phi Alpha Phi promotes love and encouragement through the unity of a Christian sisterhood, rooted in a passionate love for God. Our goal is to achieve outreach and ministry throughout the campus and the community. We have banded together, under God, as a solid rock of support to offer strength and accountability for one another in each of their daily walks with Christ. We constantly strive to reflect the example laid before them in Proverbs 31, by showing humble kindness and a strong love for the Lord.


Phi Delta Sorority

Phi Delta is a sorority rooted in service to our community and individualism through self growth in every respect of the word. Phi Delta believes in unity through diversity. Our sisters are always striving to be brave, humble and compassionate.


Sigma Beta Sigma Sorority

Our sorority's overarching goal is to foster in the hearts of our members a love for Christian fellowship and an attitude of goodwill towards others.

Alpha Omega Fraternity

We provide a brotherhood on campus that is based on Christian values, a place to gather to share common Christian beliefs, and a refuge from ideals and interests which may otherwise compromise the shared Christian values of the brotherhood. Our brothers take advantage of service and/or mission opportunities throughout the campus and community, as well as to fellow brothers and sisters in Christ wherever they may be.


Alpha Xi Fraternity

The brothers of Alpha Xi are committed first and foremost to academic achievement and community service. We also stress the importance of athletic determination and the growth of brotherhood through friendship and trust.


Kappa Sigma Fraternity

Founded on the principles of scholarship, leadership, fellowship and service, Kappa Sigma is among the most preferred men’s college social fraternities in North America, pledging more men annually than any other fraternity. The Fraternity has over 250,000 initiates, of which over 182,000 are living, and boasts nearly 15,000 undergraduate members at 284 Chapters and Colonies on college and university campuses across North America.


Kappa Tau Omega Fraternity

The Brotherhood of Kappa Tau Omega upholds the following three principles: Honor, Brotherhood and Independence. Kappa Tau Omega instills these principles for being a campus-wide influence in leadership, academics and community service.


Chi Delta Phi

The purpose of this Fraternity is an endeavor to strengthen its members on the foundation of leadership, integrity and chivalry, and, through these principles create a bond of everlasting brotherhood.


Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity

Phi Sig is a national fraternity with an enviable leadership development system and career networking program for alumni and new graduates. Founded in 1873, Phi Sigma Kappa’s Cardinal Principles are Brotherhood, Scholarship and Character. Phi Sig has initiated more than 150,000 men from over 200 chapters at leading colleges and universities across America.


Upsilon Delta Sigma Fraternity

Upsilon Delta Sigma holds true to our virtues and morals, to believe in ourselves, to make right decisions, to foster a spirit of brotherhood, to excel academically and athletically, to better our community and college, and to believe in tradition, loyalty and brotherhood no matter what walk of life we come from.


Zeta Pi Fraternity

The purpose of Zeta Pi fraternity is to strengthen its members intellectually, physically, and socially through academic excellence, brotherhood, athletic achievement, and charity.