Honor Societies

Alpha Chi

Charter members of the Georgia Xi chapter of national honor society Alpha Chi were inducted at YHC in 2011. The installation of this new chapter of Alpha Chi reflects the College’s transition to a four-year institution, as all colleges seeking a chapter must grant baccalaureate degrees and be regionally accredited. Membership in Alpha Chi is limited to no more than 10 percent of the junior and senior classes. The objectives of Alpha Chi are to promote and recognize superior scholarship and those elements of character which make scholarship effective for service. Founded in 1922, the society has more than 300 chapters. Membership is the highest academic honor on campus. Click here to view more photos of Alpha Chi.

Kappa Pi

Young Harris College art majors were inducted into the international honorary art fraternity Kappa Pi during a special ceremony in 2015. The installation of this inaugural class will allow YHC students to connect to a larger community of art students around the world, to see community service projects and artworks being done worldwide, and to join a global community of young artists. Incoming members have to meet several requirements including completing 12 hours in art, attaining a B average in all art courses and producing outstanding artwork. Kappa Pi offers thousands of art students and professionals a group to call home and an umbrella under which success, talent, creativity and scholarship can be covered. In hundreds of chapters around the United States and abroad, students and professionals with a similar passion for visual art are enjoying the excursions, lectures, exhibitions and companionship that comes from being part of a group of like-minded individuals.

Lambda Pi Eta

The Omega Tau chapter of the international communication studies honor society Lambda Pi Eta was founded at Young Harris College in 2011. Lambda Pi Eta is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA) and a member of the Association of College Honor Societies, the only certifying agency for college and university honor societies in the United States. The honor society aims to recognize, foster and reward outstanding scholastic achievement in communication studies, promote and encourage professional development among communication majors and stimulate interest in the field of communication. Election to membership in Lambda Pi Eta is open to undergraduates enrolled as communication studies majors or minors with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 with 60 credit hours completed and 3.25 for communication studies courses with 12 credit hours completed.

Mu Phi Epsilon Professional Music Fraternity

The Zeta Kappa Chapter of Mu Phi Epsilon was founded at Young Harris College in 2011. Mu Phi Epsilon is an International Professional Music Fraternity whose purposes are the recognition of scholarship and musicianship and the promotion of friendship. Its aims are the advancement of music throughout the world, the promotion of musicianship and scholarship, loyalty to the Alma Mater, and the development of a true bond of friendship. Election to membership in Mu Phi Epsilon is based upon scholarship, musicianship and character. Undergraduates must be enrolled as music majors or minors and have attained at least second term freshman standing, with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in music subjects and 2.0 in academic subjects. The Fraternity is composed of Collegiate Chapters, Alumni Chapters and Allied Members. Since its beginning in 1903, Mu Phi Epsilon has installed more than 210 chapters. Click here to view more photos of Mu Phi Epsilon.

Phi Alpha Theta

This American honor society for undergraduate and graduate students and professors of history has over 350,000 members across more than 900 chapters. Phi Alpha Theta’s mission is to promote the study of history through the encouragement of research, good teaching, publication and the exchange of learning and ideas among historians. Undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 12 semester hours in history and achieve a minimum GPA of 3.1 in history and a GPA of 3.0 or better overall. Membership is not limited to history majors.

Sigma Tau Delta

The Alpha Sigma Omicron chapter of the international English honor society Sigma Tau Delta was founded at Young Harris College in 2011. The primary objective of Sigma Tau Delta is to confer distinction upon students of the English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate and professional studies. The society also recognizes the accomplishments of professional writers who have contributed to the fields of language and literature. The organization strives to provide cultural stimulation on college campuses, serve society by fostering literacy and promote interest in literature and the English language in surrounding communities. Founded in 1924, the society has more than 800 active chapters. Election to membership in Sigma Tau Delta is open to undergraduates enrolled as English majors or minors with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0, at least three semesters of coursework completed and a class rank in the highest 35 percent. The Alpha Sigma Omicron chapter of Sigma Tau Delta is organized in conjunction with the English Majors Organization (EMO) at Young Harris College.