Intramural Sports

Recreation & Fitness Center

Looking for something fun to do during the week? Want to work off some of that stress from classes? Want to bond with your friends or meet new people? Get involved with intramurals!

Intramurals are easy to join and easy to play. There are activities offered to fit everyone's needs and abilities. Intramural sports offer an expanded variety of team and individual activities for students, staff and faculty. Leagues and tournaments offer opportunities for competitive play in a safe environment, while also providing an opportunity for students to stay active, make new friends and have fun!


YHC is affiliated with IMLeagues, a sports site that helps facilitate intramural leagues at Young Harris College. IMLeagues gives students the ability to set up sports leagues, schedule games, track players and statistics, run group leagues, send mass notifications on cancellations create team pages.

If you are interested in participating in intramurals, please take a few minutes to sign up on the website and begin creating your teams. Upon creating your team, you will be able to invite friends via email to join your team. This program will increase our ability to communicate with participants and improve our program. This is mandatory for all teams and participants wishing to play intramurals.

Create a Profile

• Go to
• Click "Join IMLeagues."
• Fill in the required fields. (Registration in IMLeagues will look like this.)
• Click "Sign Up."

Team Captains

Download the Intramurals Captains Guide.

• Sign in to your IMLeagues account after confirming your email address.
• Click the "Teams" tab, then click "Create Team."
• Fill out your team profile, then click "Create Team."
• Your team has been created! To invite players, click the link "Invite New Players" on your team's admin sidebar. Check back periodically to confirm your friends' requests to join the team.

Participants/Free Agents

• Sign in to your IMLeague account after confirming your email address.
• Find the team that you'd like to join by browsing teams under the "Team" tab or by searching for the teams.
• Once you're on the team's profile page, you can request to join the team.
• If you've already been invited to a team, confirm the invitation by clicking "Invites," then clicking "Accept."
• If you want to join as a free agent, go to the league profile page (under the "League" tab) and click "Join as a Free Agent."

For more information about intramural sports, email the Recreation and Fitness Center or call (706) 379-4472.