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Manget Hall

Manget Features

  • Suites with either three or four student rooms (housing six or eight students)
  • Students share a central bath/lavatory area and a common living room
  • Two movable beds (XL twin sheets required)
  • Two desks and desk chairs
  • Two wardrobes
  • Suite doors open to an exterior balcony
  • Laundry facility
  • Wireless internet throughout hall
Dorm Room

Manget Measurements

Room sizes vary due to location in the building.

  • Standard room: 176 square ft. (approx. 16′ X 11′ )
  • Standard window: 40″ X 64″

Manget Floor Plans

a group of people moving in

Moving in to Manget?

We can’t wait to have you! To move in, please use Maple Street and move into the parking lot associated with the building. Campus Police will be on site to direct you. We will have a move in crew waiting at of each of these buildings to assist you with unloading your vehicles. It is important that traffic flow continues to move, so once your vehicle is unloaded, move it to one of our residential parking lots around campus.

Also, check out our list of suggested items to bring!