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Rollins Hall

Rollins Features

  • Suites on three floors comprised of four double rooms and one common area.
  • Each room contains two built-in closets/dressers, movable beds, two desks and chairs (XL twin sheets required)
  • Every two rooms share a bath (two baths per suite)
  • Kitchen area in common space
  • Lounge with TV
  • Laundry facility
  • Wireless internet throughout hall
Dorm Room

Rollins Measurements

Room sizes vary due to location in the building.

  • Standard room: 165 square ft. (approx. 11 ‘ X 15 ‘ )
  • Standard common space: 16’2” X 17’6”
  • Standard window: 40″ X 64″

Rollins Floor Plans

move-in day

Moving in to Rollins?

We can’t wait to have you! To move in, please access the plaza in the main part of campus.  Campus Police will be on site to direct you. We will have a move in crew waiting at of each of these buildings to assist you with unloading your vehicles. It is important that traffic flow continues to move, so once your vehicle is unloaded, move it to one of our residential parking lots around campus.

Also, check out our list of suggested items to bring!