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The Towers

The Pods in the Towers

The Towers are configured in “pods,” or small communities consisting of students living in different sizes and styles of rooms surrounding a collegiate-style bath suite. It provides both living and learning spaces that encourage student interaction and foster a sense of community during formative semesters on campus.

Each pod features large and inviting study alcoves and lounges with comfortable sofas and 55″ flat-screen televisions, providing students with ample common areas to study and socialize. These spaces within the building give resident assistants the opportunity to regularly interact with students and introduce unique programming.

Other amenities include wireless internet access, closet space for each resident, and a laundry facility on each floor.

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Towers Room Features

  •  Each bedroom includes a dresser, desk, bed, and storage/closet area for each student. The closet area does not have a door, so some residents choose to make/purchase a fabric panel to cover the area and secure it with a tension rod. (XL twin sheets required)
  • Shared common lounge space on each floor with couches, meeting tables, and a 55″ flat screen TV
  • Washer and dryer station located on each floor
  • Key card access to assigned floor and room
  • Cellular enhancement to boost cellular signal
  • Wireless internet connection
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Towers Measurements


Measurements vary depending on the location of the bedroom, floor and building. However, a standard measurement for each bedroom is 10’2″ x 15’5″. For those interested in cutting carpet for the living space minus the closet space, we suggest either an area rug or carpet cut to 10’2″ x 11’6″.


  • Standard Bedroom windows: 3′ x 5′, with top of window being 8′ above floor
  • 4th Floor of Building 1, 2, and 3rd Floor of Building 3 standard windows: 3′ x 5′, with top of window being 9′ above floor

Storage areas/closets

  • Standard Bedroom Closet: 3’6″ wide

Tower Floor Layouts

Tower Bedroom Layouts

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Moving in to the Towers?

We can’t wait to have you! To move into these buildings, please access the plaza in the main part of campus. Campus Police will be on site to direct you. We will have a move in crew waiting at of each of these buildings to assist you with unloading your vehicles. It is important that traffic flow continues to move, so once your vehicle is unloaded, move it to one of our residential parking lots around campus.

Also, check out our list of suggested items to bring!