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Program Admissions

Master of Arts in Teaching Admission Requirements

(Applications to the new MAT program will begin July 2018.)

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Master of Arts in Teaching

the First Master of Arts in Teaching cohort begins January 2019!

(Applications to the new MAT program will begin July 2018.)

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YHC Distance Learning

Welcome to YHC Distance Learning

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MAT Synchronous Online

The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program at Young Harris College is offered via a synchronous online class.  All class-times are ‘live’ classes that you can participate in from any location.  The assignments and resources are available online.  More information can be found at the YHC Catalog and at the Division of Education webpage.   Instructions on how to access your synchronous online course are below.

Your synchronous online course consists of two parts: 

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Academic Success Center Student Employees and Interns

2017 START Leaders

Student Employment
The ASC student employees assist in welcoming students, staff and all visitors to the Academic Success Center. If you enjoy working in an office environment assisting students, staff and the community, consider applying.

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Standards of Conduct

A student or student organization may be disciplined for the following types of misconduct:

(1) Providing false information to a college official.

(2) Falsifying, distorting, misrepresenting or withholding information in connection with a college investigation or hearing.

(3) Forging, altering, destroying, falsifying or misusing records, identification or documents, whether in print or electronic form.

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Fundamental Rights of the Accused

Students and student organizations charged with violating the Standards of Conduct are entitled to the following rights under the Young Harris College student conduct system:

(1) Notice of the charge(s), an account of the alleged misconduct, a list of witnesses, and notice of the scheduled hearing delivered seventy-two (72) hours before a hearing. The student may request additional time by showing good cause.

(2) Notice of the maximum allowable penalty (i.e., expulsion).

(3) The right to a hearing closed to the public.

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Code of Conduct

Upon admittance to Young Harris College, students are informed of the standards and expectations associated with entrance into the YHC community. The Student Code of Conduct was adopted to enhance the health and safety of individuals on campus and to promote an atmosphere that is conducive to the educational process.

Click here to view the Code of Conduct.

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BIT Reporting Form

Background Information
While anonymous reports are accepted, you are strongly encouraged to provide your name and contact information in order to allow us to most effectively address the concerning behavior.
Person of Concern
Please provide as much information as possible about the student exhibiting concerning behavior.
Please provide a detailed description of the incident, your concern regarding the student, or any observed behavior.
Photos, videos, audio files, emails, and other supporting documents may be attached below.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png bmp txt html pdf doc docx avi mov mp3 wav zip.


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