Transfer Admission
Transfer Admission



The Office of Admissions will only evaluate coursework completed at regionally accredited institutions. However, students must submit transcripts from all post-secondary institutions attended, whether transfer credit will be awarded or not. If you have any questions regarding accreditation, please contact the Office of Admissions.

Freshman Transfers

Students who have completed less than 30 hours of college-level coursework must meet freshman admission requirements and submit official copies of the following documents: 
  • High School transcripts
  • College/university transcripts

Other Transfers

1. Students seeking to transfer to Young Harris College should complete the application for admission.
2. Students who have completed 30 or more credit hours of academic-level college coursework must submit official transcript(s) from all previously attended institutions, as well as a Student Transfer Form from all of these institutions.  If a student has completed less than 30 hours of college credit, they must also submit an official high school transcript in addition to the official college transcript(s).
3. Admissions decisions for transfers with more than 30 hours of college-level credits will be based solely on college coursework completed.  The minimum GPA requirement for transfer students is a 2.5 cumulative college GPA.  Students with more than 30 hours of college-level credits whose GPA is below a 2.5 MUST submit a Transfer Admissions Statement, detailing any circumstances that may have negatively impacted their current academic performance and GPA as well as the steps they plan to take in order to be academically successful at YHC.  After review, the Admissions Committee may still request an interview with the student in order to make an admissions decision.   Failure to submit this form at the time of application will result in your inability to appeal any negative admissions decision you may receive.  The decision of the Admissions Committee is final and binding.
4. YHC will inform students of the amount of transfer credit accepted by the College prior to enrollment.
5. In order to graduate from YHC, transfer students must meet all graduation requirements that were in place at the time of their admission to the College. Please note that admission to the college does not necessarily guarantee admission to certain degree programs that may require additional steps. 





Academic Scholarship

Upon acceptance to Young Harris College, students are evaluated based on their high school GPA for eligibility to receive an academic merit scholarship. This scholarship is renewable up to four years (eight semesters) at YHC.

For more information, contact the Office of Admissions at (706) 379-3111.