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Communication Studies

Communication is a discipline about expressing ideas, exchanging information, conveying emotions and connecting with people. And at Young Harris College, you’ll learn how that interaction is influenced by ethics and the fast-paced global community in which we live. We understand that cultural, social and personal connections can only truly improve through more effective understanding and practice of communication.

As a Communication Studies major, you’ll study the theoretical and applied dimensions of human and media communication. Students who choose to focus on Human Communication are exposed to many verbal and nonverbal aspects of the field, including personal, social and cultural components. Students who focus on cross-disciplinary contexts and research in Media Communication are exposed to a variety of issues surrounding the modern media environment.

Your faculty from the field will share real-world situations and case studies of communication in action. Lively classroom discussions will focus on issues such as advertisements with integrity, the validity of online research or a political campaign gone wrong. You can even get involved in YHC’s campus communications to gain practical experience—from the College's literary magazine, The Corn Creek Review, to Enotah Yearbook.

The ability to think, write and speak clearly is beneficial for any career you might pursue. You can further your education in graduate school programs such as law, counseling and business. Or you can start working in fields such as:

•    Marketing
•    Public relations
•    Advertising
•    Journalism
•    Politics
•    Media
•    Sales
•    Research


Outside of the classroom, Communication Studies students are given ample opportunities to hone their nascent skills in a variety of on- and off-campus environments. Internships with local businesses and organizations are extensive and contribute to our pool of internships. With our proximity to the CDC, CNN, the Arthritis Foundation and more international corporate and non-profit centers, Atlanta and the surrounding area is fertile ground to exercise the work of the classroom.

View the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies human communication track curriculum.

View the Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies media communication track curriculum.

View the Communication Studies Minor curriculum.

Questions? Contact Associate Professor of Communication Studies Dr. Jennifer Hallett.