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Office of Institutional Research

The Office of Institutional Research is responsible for collecting, disseminating and reporting data used to inform key decisions and shape the institution’s planning, evaluation and assessment processes.

The office is located on the top level of Pruitt-Barrett.

Institutional Research: The Office of Institutional Research serves as the institutional research arm of the College by creating and maintaining the Common Data Set (CDS), overseeing the accurate and timely information submitted to IPEDS, EADA, and deploying the following internal surveys: annual Student Opinion Survey, Campus Quality Survey, and Exit Surveys for graduates. The Office also facilitates the following national surveys: National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), Beginning College Survey of Student Engagement (BSSE), and the Faculty Survey of Student Engagement (FSSE). Each year, the Office completes both the fall-to-fall and fall-to-spring retention studies and updates the College's Fact Book.

You can view the 2021 Fact Book here.

Accreditation and Assessment: The Office of Institutional Research gathers data annually to support that the College is in compliance with The Principles of Accreditation. The Assistant Vice President of Institutional Research oversees the collection of all administrative unit annual assessment plans and works closely with the Office of Academic Affairs in supporting a comprehensive assessment process.


Teresa Sampson, '11

Institutional Research Analyst

(706) 379-5035