Bachelor of Arts

Division of Fine Arts

The art major is one of several Fine Arts degrees offered at YHC. The art major trains students to become creative problem solvers as they develop a personal image making aesthetic through self-expression.

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Art is also offered as a minor; details are below.

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What classes will you take?

  • A diverse set of classes in the liberal arts core
  • Below are a few examples of required art courses:
    • ARTS 1101 Drawing: A basic drawing course which explores line, texture, value, shape, form, and composition through the use of still-life, figure, and landscape subjects. The course emphasizes the development of the fundamental skills of drawing and visual perception. Students are encouraged to developed a personal approach through use of a sketchbook.
    • ARTS 2202 Painting: This course will explore a variety of painting media and stylistic approaches to painting. Students will develop basic skills of painting application, color use, and composition with the focus on personal expression and experimentation.
    • ARTS 4401 Open Studio: Students will create their own body of related works with a focus on content. Students will engage in class discussions and critiques with Open Studio students working in other media. All Open Studio students meet together to encourage a broader understanding of art making techniques and concepts.

What can you do with a degree in art?

The art major prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options. Some examples of graduate degrees include the Master of Fine Arts, Master of Art Education, Master of Art Therapy, and Master of Museum Studies.  Some career opportunities include Freelance Artist, Photographer, Art Therapist, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Art Director, and Art Teacher/ Professor.

Art is also offered as a minor!

Students seeking the art minor will learn technical and conceptual problem-solving skills that will enhance their liberal arts education and allow them to seek careers with a creative element. 

What classes will you take?
The art minor requires courses in art history, studio art, and participation in the thesis exhibition at the Campus Gate Art Gallery. Art minors may choose to take courses in drawing, painting, sculpture, digital arts, printmaking, photography and art history. Below are some examples of courses that you may choose to take as an art minor.

  • ARTS 1101 Drawing
  • ARTS 1110 History and Criticism of Art I
  • ARTS 4401 Open Studio

What can you do with an art minor?

The art minor can enhance your major by adding creative technical and conceptual skills to your resume. Many businesses need a creative person to assist with marketing, branding, websites, posters, pamphlets, and social media. The art minor will give you a competitive edge and additional creative skills to help you stand out in the job market.

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