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Philosophy is one of several humanities degrees offered at YHC. A minor in philosophy trains students to question and think courageously, carefully, and freely about any subject—from moral values to institutional policies to the nature of the human mind to the universe as a whole.

The humanities degrees are all built on the same liberal arts core and the philosophy minor is designed to be rigorous for students’ intellectual excellence as well as flexible to student interests, fitting well with most of YHC’s majors and general education requirements. At least one philosophy course in the minor can also be used to fulfill a general education requirement.

What classes will you take?

  • A diverse set of classes in the liberal arts core
  • Major classes in Philosophy, including:
    • PHIL 1300 - Critical Thinking: What even is “thinking,” and what makes a thought distinctively “critical” compared to an ordinary thought? How does thinking take shape in aphorisms, arguments, and essays? This course introduces students to techniques in basic reasoning, dialogue, logic, formal argument, informal fallacies, and forms of critical theory.
    • PHIL 2310 - Human Rights and Philosophy of Law: A philosophical study of moral, existential, and metaphysical issues involving the nature of laws and rights, theories of war and state sovereignty, and the global political world. Special attention will be paid to humanitarian interventions and violations of human rights, and theories of law and economic impacts.
    • PHIL 3250 - Biomedical Ethics: An examination of moral issues in healthcare, biomedical research, and changing medical technology. The course looks at assumptions make in doctor/patient relationships, and in the notions of health, disease, and disability. It explores questions of death and dying, genetic reproduction, animal experimentation, and more. The approach will be both philosophical and practical, in the attempt to apply ethical theories to biomedical issues.

What can you do with a Philosophy Minor?

Philosophy prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options. Students with philosophy degrees always perform best on law school entrance examines and have the greatest success in law school acceptances. Philosophizing is a heroic life-or-death struggle to liberate ourselves from all those things that crush our spirit—ignorance, fear of death, prejudice, insecurity. The philosophy minor is a powerful supplement to any field of study, enhancing students’ abilities to think, research and write critically about any subject.