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As Socrates proposes, "The one aim of those who do philosophy in the proper manner is to practice for dying and death" (The Phaedo, 64a). Philosophizing is a heroic life-or-death struggle to liberate ourselves from all those things that crush our spirit—ignorance, fear of death, prejudice, insecurity. Philosophy frees our minds.

Philosophy courses are designed to enhance students’ freedom of thought and to cultivate students' liberal arts virtues. The courses also provide students with content of the field such as the history of Western thought, classical problems and contemporary trends.

YHC offers a minor in philosophy, which is a powerful supplement to any field of study. This program expands students’ abilities to think, research and write critically about any subject.

In addition to teaching philosophy courses, our faculty participate in a campus-wide program called Ethics Across the Curriculum (EAC). EAC is a national program aimed at promoting moral discussions in every division of the College. At YHC, the program offers lectures and workshops to non-philosophy faculty to help students identify and reflect on ethical dimensions of our lives and particular issues in specific disciplines.

View the Philosophy Minor curriculum.