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About Psychology at Young Harris College

Psychology prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options. According to data from the American Psychological Association’s Center for Workforce Studies, over 40% of individuals who have earned an undergraduate degree in psychology go on to earn a graduate degree in psychology or related fields, like social work or higher education administration.

For those who have not earned higher degrees, their knowledge of how people think and behave serves them well in a wide variety of different occupations. The most common occupations for these individuals include social work, management, administration, human resources, marketing, sales, and teaching.

Psychology degree requirements

To graduate with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from YHC, you’ll take 120 hours of coursework.

General Education:

31 hours


44 hours, including two PALS (Physically Active Life Skills) courses

Program courses:

45 hours

Some of our most popular psychology classes include:

PSYC 3020 Social Psychology:

Study how the social environment influences individual behavior and how people think about, influence and relate to one another.

Psychology as a minor

The Psychology minor at Young Harris College offers students from various disciplines the chance to explore why people think and act the way they do.

Because of the small class size, you get a lot more interaction with your professors. This has really helped me.

Tyler Ostuni Class of ’26, Jupiter, FL