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Scholarships & Awards

Division of humanities awards

The following awards are presented to outstanding students within the Division of Humanities at the College's annual Honors Ceremony.

William Byron King, '35, Award in English
Having spent his professional career as an educator, Mr. King wished to stress the importance of written communication in a world now attuned to the visual media.  The income from this endowment is awarded annually to the student selected as the outstanding freshman English student.

Outstanding Paper: Upper-Division English Course
This award was established by the English faculty members at Young Harris College. Each year it is given to the student who has written an exemplary essay for an upper-division English course.  Recipients are selected by the English Department faculty.

Outstanding Junior and Senior in English Awards
are given to junior and senior English majors who exhibit excellence in writing, literary analysis, class discussion, and contributions to the English program at Young Harris College. These awards were established by the English department faculty. 

Outstanding Junior and Senior in Creative Writing Awards
Established in 2015 with the launch of Young Harris College’s creative writing major, this award recognizes an exemplary junior and senior who exhibit a strong commitment to craft, revision, and the writing community at Young Harris College.

Donna T. Fortune Achievement Award in Foreign Language
This is an endowed award established in May 1991 by Jan Fortune. The recipient must have completed four courses in a foreign language at YHC, have maintained a 3.5 average in those courses, have an overall GPA of 3.0 or better, intend to major or minor in the chosen language, and have demonstrated a significant understanding of, and appreciation for the language, as exhibited through nonacademic accomplishments. The selection is made by the Foreign Languages faculty.

Lambda Pi Eta Outstanding Scholar Award
Lambda Pi Eta serves as the official Honor Society of the National Communication Association.  This award is given on behalf of Omega Tau, YHC’s chapter of Lambda Pi Eta, to the junior or senior Communication Studies major with the highest overall GPA.

Rhetorica Tutor Award
This award recognizes a tutor who shows outstanding performance, leadership, service and commitment in the Rhetorica Writing and Speaking Center.

John Cobb, Jr. Award for an Outstanding Paper
This award recognizes excellent written contributions to Religious Studies or Philosophy.  Papers earn this award through demonstration of critical and constructive rigor, and engagement in research. This award pays tribute to John Cobb, Jr.’s vast contributions to Philosophical Theology, his service to the Department of Religion and Philosophy from 1950-1953, and his lasting friendship with the Clegg family. The recipients are selected by the Religion and Philosophy faculty.

John Kay Award for Excellence in Comparative Religious Studies
This is awarded to a student displaying an aptitude for fluency and empathetic understanding in the academic study of multiple religions.  This award pays tribute to John Kay’s years of service to the Department of Religion & Philosophy, and honors the institutional and spiritual heritage of Young Harris College.