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About Philosophy at Young Harris College

Philosophy minors prepare students for any major or career that demands insight, careful problem-solving, and ethical intelligence, including jobs in legal studies, medical professions, or the implementation of ethical business practices.

Philosophy minor requirements

To graduate with a minor in Philosophy from YHC, you’ll take 18 hours of coursework.

Required Courses:

3 hours

Elective Courses:

15 hours, and 9 hours must be PHIL courses

Minor Courses:

18 hours

Some of our most popular Philosophy classes include:

PHIL 1100 Introduction to Philosophy:

This course provides students with an investigation into the various ways philosophy begins with wonder, examining philosophy’s fundamental questions, key personalities, and/or historical developments. No prerequisites.

PHIL 1300 Logic and Critical Thinking:

What even is “thinking,” and what makes a thought distinctively “critical” compared to an ordinary thought? How does thinking take shape in aphorisms, arguments, and essays? This course introduces students to techniques in basic reasoning, dialogue, logic, formal argument, informal fallacies, and forms of critical theory. No prerequisites.

SOCI 3301 Environmental Sociology:

This course examines the connection between society and the environment over time and cross-culturally. It addresses a number of contemporary environmental problems and concerns, including food production, population growth, toxic chemicals and air/water pollutants, natural resource extraction, and climate change. Finally, the course introduces and contemplates solutions to the current environmental issues facing society now and in the future.