Mountain Lion Bucket List

Hike the AT
Top 30 Must-Dos

The “Mountain Lion Bucket List” features the top 30 things all YHC students should do before graduation.

Have an idea you think should be added to the list? Contact the Success Center and see if your suggestion makes the list!

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1. Dress up at Fall Fest

2. Participate in Homecoming Week

3. Join a club or organization

4. See a planetarium show or visit the observatory

5. Go camping

6. Walk the wall during finals

7. Attend at least one game for each athletic team

8. Go to Cupid Falls

9. Go to the top of Brasstown Bald

10. Attend Thanksgiving Dinner

11. Go to a theatre production

12. Attend the SGA Spring Formal

13. Get up to see the sunrise over the mountains

14. Eat your stress away at Cram Jam

15. Attend an opening at the Campus Gate Art Gallery

16. Have a conversation with the YHC President

17. Go to Waffle House at 2 a.m. with a group of friends

18. Visit a local state park

19. Visit Bell Mountain

20. Visit a farmers' market

21. Climb the rock wall in the Recreation & Fitness Center

22. Take an interesting class that's not in your major

23. Attend a local festival (Punkin Chunkin, Opossum Drop, Tractor Parade, etc.)

24. Go to the Georgia Mountain Fair

25. Hike to a waterfall

26. Make a late-night Walmart run

27. Visit the YHC Beetle Lab, home of the YHC Hemlock Project

28. Play ultimate frisbee on the lawn

29. Visit “Turtle Rock”

30. Step on the seal