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Insurance Required

Young Harris College requires that the contracting organization submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to the Director of Conference & Event Services no later than 30 days prior to their event. A COI documents the existence and terms of insurance coverage for the purpose of providing evidence that the organization will be able to satisfy necessary obligations. This insurance policy must not be cancelled without 30 days’ notice to the College. The COI should provide evidence of General Liability in an amount not less than $1 million per occurrence and $2 million general aggregate. YHC also requires to be listed as an additional insured on all policies in reference to the organization’s use of facilities.

Organizations with camps or activities involving minors (students aged 17 and under) shall be required to obtain and furnish proof of abuse and molestation liability insurance with a limit of no less than $1 million per occurrence. This obligation may be met by a combined commercial general liability policy or separate abuse and molestation coverage. A copy of the proof of coverage must be presented to the College no less than 10 days prior to the beginning of the event. This insurance policy must not be cancelled without 30 days’ notice to the College.

Supervising Youth

The organization is required to provide one adult chaperone for every 10 students age seventeen (17) and under. These chaperones should be on site for the entirety of the event. Chaperones must be housed in accommodations on the same floor in the same area as the students they are responsible for supervising. These adults are responsible for the conduct of their students and will serve as the liaison between YHC staff and the students.

An on-call/on-site contact list will be required upon arrival and should outline the appropriate contacts for emergency and discipline throughout the conference/camp. This person should be available 24 hours a day from the beginning of the event until it concludes. All chaperones should have completed a criminal background check, as well as appropriate training in interacting with minors, including instruction regarding Georgia’s Child Abuse Reporting Law. The organization must provide a medical release for hospital treatment or treatment by a physician for every minor child unaccompanied by a parent. This release must be signed by one or both of the parents or guardians to allow for treatment should injury or accident occur. All guests must agree to comply with all reasonable YHC requests, regulations and policies, as well as all state and local ordinances.


Campus security is available 24 hours a day and can be reached at (706) 379-4569.

All facilities occupied by conference leaders and participants located on the Young Harris College campus fall under the control of YHC Facility Management. Facilities Management, YHC Police Department and Towns County Fire Department can enter the facilities at any time deemed necessary.

Fire exit maps are on the back of each sleeping room door. If the alarm sounds, go calmly but quickly to the nearest exit and leave the building. Do not use the elevator. Anyone who tampers with the fire alarm system is subject to arrest and criminal prosecution.

Home Away From Home

The primary group contact will receive a room key at check-in for each guest room. Rooms should be kept locked, and room keys should remain with the occupant at all times. A $30 charge for replacement keys will be charged to the group for any lost room key.

Residence hall furnishings must not be removed from their intended location. For example, furnishings located in common rooms may not be moved to other common rooms or sleeping rooms and vice versa. Removing of any screen is prohibited. Group leaders/participants will be asked to leave if they are seen removing any screen or throwing or hanging items outside of windows.

Open flames, coils, or hot plates are prohibited in the Residence Halls. Food preparation can only take place in designated kitchen areas.

Wireless internet access is available as a courtesy for phones and tablets. Internet for personal computers is available for groups at a $20 charge.

Keeping It Clean

Public spaces and common areas are cleaned on a daily basis. Daily cleaning of guest rooms is not available.

Residents are required to clean their rooms and remove all trash and belongings prior to departure. An additional charge of $50 per room will be charged for any rooms deemed unclean. Additional fees for unclean common spaces may also apply.


The organization assumes responsibility for any damages incurred to Young Harris College facilities or property, including excessive wear and tear or trash caused by the group’s leaders, participants, or guests. They will also be responsible for any damage or needed service or repairs resulting from guests jumping in or misusing the elevators.

Facilities will be inspected once the group has vacated the building. Pre-occupancy inspections are available and must be requested and scheduled ahead of time. If damage occurs, a detailed list of items along with their respective charges will be provided to the organization.

Lost & Found

The organization’s contact will be informed if any Lost & Found items are identified. Items may be shipped back to the contact at the Organization’s expense or will be disposed of or donated to a local charity.

Prohibited Items

Leaders and/or participants will be required to leave campus if they are found to be in possession of illegal drugs or firearms.


Parking is free of charge to all guests in all campus lots. Driving on the lawn, sidewalks, or in emergency lanes is prohibited.

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