Public Policy & Law

Public Policy & Law
Bachelor of Science

Division of Humanities

The Public Policy and Law B.S. degree program at YHC is designed to prepare students for employment in various business and government areas and/or for the pursuit of advanced degrees in public administration, law, or other related fields.  The interdisciplinary curriculum draws from the fields of economics, political science, history, and others as students develop an understanding of how institutions operate in the application of the law.  The program will teach students how to answer questions like:

  • Why are some policies prioritized over others?
  • What is my ethical duty?
  • How does the judiciary secure individual rights and liberties?
  • Can I trust the results of a “research study”?

Upon completion of the program students will understand federalism and its effects on governmental policy, the role of the American judiciary in determining public policy, and the effects of formal and informal governmental and cultural institutions on U.S. public policy.  Students in this program will have opportunities to intern at the Council of State Governments in Washington, D.C. and to study abroad in England or Ireland.  Finally, as part of the  interdisciplinary and liberal arts nature of the program, students in this major are recommended to double major and may with nearly any other major on campus.

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