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About Legal Studies at Young Harris College

A legal studies minor prepares students to pursue careers in the legal profession and public service.

Legal Studies minor requirements

To graduate with a minor in Legal Studies from YHC, you’ll take 15-18 hours of coursework.

Required Courses:

9 hours


9 hours

Some of our most popular legal studies classes include:

ECON 3160 Law and Economics:

Rules are made to be broken, or at least that is the way people often behave. Economists understand that laws do not always fulfill their intended consequence; in fact, many legislative actions create perverse incentives that create problems worse than the well-intended solutions. In this course students will analyze the true impact of both legislative and common laws to understand the principles behind good and poor law making. Students will read and brief real court cases to apply an objective economic analysis to legal areas such as property law, product liability, torts, business law, criminal law, family law, and employment law.