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Graphic Design

students in Mac Lab

The BA degree in Graphic Design at Young Harris College prepares students for successful careers in the area of visual communication, and encourages students to primarily concentrate on creating competitive portfolios that explore their own conceptual and problem-solving strengths within a strong design curriculum utilizing the latest Mac software programs in the “state-of-the-art” digital lab on campus.

Students gain a deeper understanding of the design aesthetics and processes as it relates to creating unique concepts, compositions, interfaces and strategies within this competitive and lucrative field. Our students work with various clients in a “signature experience” during their tenure within the program. The end result is a strong and competitive portfolio of work that allows them to design their own professional path upon graduation.

Students are encouraged to participate in the various regional and national design internship programs under the guidance of the art faculty.

Graduates from the graphic design program find successful careers in various areas of design specializing in web design, film/broadcast design, advertising/marketing, and branding/identity design. Some graduates may wish to concentrate on a more flexible generalist form of design thereby allowing them to work within all the various platforms found within the design industry. 

The BA in Graphic Design includes:  

  • ARTS 1112 Digital Arts I
  • ARTS 2112 Digital Arts II
  • ARTS 1130 Photography/ Composition and Content
  • ARTS 3112 Illustration
  • ARTS 2212 Typography
  • ARTS 3211 Video Design
  • ARTS 3212 Branding
  • ARTS 4111 Advertising Principles
  • ARTS 4112 Professional Practices


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