Creative Writing

Creative Writing
Bachelor of Arts

Division of Humanities

Creative writing is one of several Humanities degrees offered at YHC, and is located within the English department. The creative writing major trains students to effectively communicate innovative ideas in poetry and prose. Students develop their writing technique and practice, gaining an understanding of their place in the literary tradition.

The Humanities majors are all built on the same liberal arts core. Creative writing offers a foundation in literature as well as courses in the craft and theory of writing. Through its rigorous, diverse curriculum, which includes craft classes, workshops, and seminars, the major is designed to introduce students to the genres, then allow for individual growth and mentorship as students come into their own as thinkers and writers. 

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Creative writing is also offered as a minor.

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What classes will you take?

  • A diverse set of classes in the liberal arts core
  • Writing workshops, craft seminars, and literature courses.
  • Major classes in creative writing, including:
    • Advanced Workshops: An intensive workshop providing students the opportunity to write and revise a significant body of work.
    • Special Topics: An in-depth study of an aspect of creative writing, such as genre, form, technique, or the work of an individual writer.

What can you do with a degree in creative writing?

Creative writing prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options, including the M.A., M.F.A., or Ph.D. in literature or creative writing. Majors gain key skills for employment, such as interpreting, analyzing, and organizing information within a range of contexts. Majors work in fields such as technical writing, market research, editing/publishing, writing for technology, advertising, or education.