Legal Studies

Legal Studies

Department of Humanities

A legal studies minor prepares students to pursue careers in the legal profession and public service. Minors often apply for law school or graduate programs in criminal justice, social work, or history. The minor provides a foundation in American constitutional law, as well as exposes students to cultural diversity, ethics, and the interaction of public policy and the law.

The legal studies minor is designed to be rigorous as well as flexible to student interests, fitting well with most of YHC’s majors. At least one legal studies course in the minor can also be used to fulfill a general education requirement.

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What classes will you take?

The Legal Studies Minor is comprised of 18 credit hours (six courses). Students are required to take one 1000 level Philosophy course as well as the following constitutional law classes:

  • HIST 3070 American Constitutional Law to 1865
  • HIST 3071 American Constitutional Law since 1865

To fulfill the remaining 9 credit hours (3 courses), students can choose from a diverse set of offerings found under the categories of “Public Policy and the Law,” “Critical Thinking and Ethics,” and “Diversity and Civil Rights.” For a full list of courses, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog linked above.

What can you do with a Legal Studies Minor?

Legal studies prepares you for a range of graduate school and career options. Legal studies minors gain foundational knowledge of the American legal system and learn to recognize the complexities in society when it comes to public policy, diversity and civil rights. Minors pursue careers in law, government, public service, social work, and teaching.