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About Psychology at Young Harris College

Psychology is well-suited for those who wish to learn why people think and act the way they do. Additionally, students in psychology are trained to become more critical consumers of empirical research findings and how to conduct research in the social sciences.

Psychology minor requirements

To graduate with a minor in Psychology from YHC, you’ll take 15-18 hours of coursework.

Lower Division Required Courses:

3 hours, including PSYC 2001

Upper Division Required Courses:

3 hours, including PSYC 3010

Elective Courses:

9 hours, including PSYC courses

Some of our most popular Psychology classes include:

PSYC 2001 Human Growth & Dev:

A study of mental, physical, emotional, moral, and social growth over a life span and the relationship of the various phases of development to the educative process.

PSYC 3010 Abnormal Psychology:

A survey of psychological disorders in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Diagnostic criteria, etiology, treatment and theoretical causes will be emphasized along with case studies.

PSYC 1102 Introduction to Psychology:

A course designed to provide the student with a general knowledge of psychology. Emphasis is placed on terminology, major concepts and theories, and major divisions of psychology.