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LEED Low-Emission & Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

LEED SSc4.3 Low-Emission & Fuel-Efficient Vehicles

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SGA Green Fee Application

As part of the SGA Green Fee fund established for campus-wide sustainability programs, YHC students pay a $5 per semester green fee and the College matches the student contribution. In September 2011, SGA finalized a Green Fee application process that enables students, faculty and staff to submit suggestions regarding how to best utilize the budget provided to SGA by the Green Fee.

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Recycling at YHC

Aluminum, paper, cardboard and plastics (#1-5) can be placed in all designated receptacles on campus. Each of these containers features the College’s “Love Purple, Live Green” sustainability logo along with a chart that lists many commonly recycled items for each of the categories.

Recycling receptacles are strategically placed in administrative, academic buildings and residence halls and on the campus grounds, including 30 new 95-gallon bins. These containers will be routinely emptied and distributed to a recently installed compactor located next to the YHC Beetle Lab.

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Green Facilities


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Campus Groups

Young Harris College faculty, staff and students are constantly instituting new programs and initiatives to ensure that sustainability remains a top priority on campus. Joining a group that is working to make YHC more sustainable is one of the best ways for students, faculty and staff to have an impact both on and off campus. 


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