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Academic Program CIP Codes

Academic Program Degree Academic Level CIP Code
Bachelor of Arts in Art BA Undergraduate 50.0701
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies BA Undergraduate 09.0100
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies--Interpersonal Communication BA Undergraduate 09.0100
Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies--Media and Cultural Studies BA Undergraduate 09.0100
Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing BA Undergraduate 23.1302
Bachelor of Arts in English BA Undergraduate 23.0101
Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design BA Undergraduate 50.0409
Bachelor of Arts in History BA Undergraduate 54.0101
Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplianary Studies BA Undergraduate 30.0000
Bachelor of Arts in Music BA Undergraduate 50.0901
Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies BA Undergraduate 38.0201
Bachelor of Arts in Spanish BA Undergraduate 16.0905
Bachelor of Arts in Theatrical Design and Production BA Undergraduate 50.0502
Bachelor of Arts in Theatre--Performance BA Undergraduate 50.0501
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre BFA Undergraduate 50.0509
Bachelor of Music Education--Choral BME Undergraduate 13.1312
Bachelor of Music Education--Instrumental MBE Undergraduate 13.1312
Bachelor of Science in Accounting BS Undergraduate 52.0301
Bachelor of Science in Biology BS Undergraduate 26.0101
Bachelor of Science in Business and Public Policy BS Undergraduate 52.0201
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry BS Undergraduate 40.0501
Bachelor of Science in Economics BS Undergraduate 45.0601
Bachelor of Science in Education--Early Childhood Education BS Undergraduate 13.1210
Bachelor of Science in Education--Middle Grades Education BS Undergraduate 13.1018
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science BS Undergraduate 03.0104
Bachelor of Science in History BS Undergraduate 54.0101
Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies BS Undergraduate 30.0000
Bachelor of Science in Management BS Undergraduate 52.0201
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics BS Undergraduate 27.0101
Bachelor of Science in Outdoor Leadership BS Undergraduate 31.0601
Bachelor of Science  in Psychology BS Undergraduate 42.0101
Master of Arts in Teaching--Biology MAT Graduate 13.1316
Master of Arts in Teaching--English MAT Graduate 13.1305
Master of Arts in Teaching--History MAT Graduate 13.1328
Master of Arts in Teaching--Mathematics MAT Graduate 13.1311