Undergraduate Research for the Common Good

MRE Examples
MRE Examples

Mentored Research Experiences engage students in authentic research and inquiry that is guided by a YHC faculty member. MREs are opportunities for students to showcase and apply knowledge and skills that they have acquired through the pursuit of their major. MREs are independent projects complete by one student or a small team of students that may build upon previously conducted faculty and student research. Projects are authentic and relevant in that students are tackling important questions and problems in their field with the outcome of the research being unknown.

Examples of Previous MREs

Influence of introductions of Alabama Bass (Micropterus henshalli) on black bass growth rates in north Georgia reservoirs

Major: Biology


The conversion of kudzu into ethanol for use as a biofuel

Major: Chemistry


Investigation of media coverage of the migrant children crisis at the US-Mexico border

Major: Communication Studies


Movement patterns during the spawning season of sicklefin redhorse in Brasstown Creek, Georgia

Major: Environmental Science